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Featured Product

Featured Product

Vinyl Skirting Repair Kit

Special repair tape fixes holes permanently. Won't fade or deteriorate in the weather.

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Renewable Energy Source

Perpetual Motion Experiment Welcome to our renewable energy site. This page is a division of But don't think you need to live in a mobile home to participate in this site. Finding inexpensive alternative energy is a concern everyone shares which is why we created an area somewhat separate from

Recently we've added a separate forum where all of us concerned with renewable energy can gather. As far as topic discussion, we have minimal boundaries. We'd love to hear about your experiments that other discussion boards would just as soon you didn't mention.


Your Renewable Energy Project Stories.

Whether you've installed an alternative energy system, or created your own experiments, we want to know about them and we will pay you $20 per story. Yep, you get paid and we'll even do the editing. All we need from you is details and pictures. You remain the author. If you've got 5 good stories, that's $100 in your pocket. Our goal here is to assembly a vast amount of original stories related to renewable energy. We don't want a page of 'links' like most sites have. We want the details right here for easy access by everyone who visits this page. So whether you've installed a solar water heater, converted your car to run on air or hydrogen, or found a new energy source from magnets, we'll pay you to tell your story. Just click here and tell us about the project you'd like to submit.

Would you like to save money while doing your part to help our environment?

Powering your home using renewable energy is becoming more cost effective as technology advances and oil prices are on the rise. The following information should help you become less dependant on the power company for your energy needs.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy is energy obtained from sources that are inexhaustible (can not be used up). Renewable energy sources include conventional hydroelectric power, wood, waste, geothermal, wind, photovoltaic, and solar thermal energy.

Energy Sources that are not renewable include oil, coal, natural gas. These are not renewable because there is a finite supply in the world and once it is used up it will no longer be available. These sources of Energy are bad for the environment.

Energy Efficient Products

solar heating panel

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Featured Product

Mobile Home Repair Manual

Required reading for anyone who lives in a mobile home!

The book covers many manufactured home repairs and upgrades. A must for the do-it-yourselfer. Now on sale! Need this manual now? Then download it.

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