Sealing an Addition on Manufactured Home

Unless both your home and addition are on frost line footings, they probably shift independently. If you’re having trouble keeping the gap sealed where the addition meets the home, you’ll enjoy this tip.

Seal Addition on Mobile Home

  1. Screw a 1×6 board (A) to the home.
  2.  Rip the 1×4 board (B) so its only 3.25″ wide. The ripped edge should be a 10-15 degree bevel (E).
  3. Predrill screw holes (C) through the width of board B.
  4. Apply weather stripping (D) on the inside edge of board B.
  5. Butt board B up against board A. The weatherstripping (D) should be against the addition, and the beveled edge butted so you don’t notice the bevel (E).
  6. Drive 4″ screws (C) through the predrilled holes in board B into board A. As you tighten the screws, the bevel (E) will pull board B towards the addition, compressing the weatherstripping (D).
  7. Caulk the butt (E) and along all edges of board A.

This design allows your addition and home to shift independently, yet the gap between the home and addition stay sealed because board B is attached to board A and not the addition.

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