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“Greetings & THANKS!! for such a fantastic Web site! What a blessing it is to find something devoted strictly to mobile home repair!”

– Katie, Oakley, KS

“You were right on the money again. The toilet had a very slow leak, almost undetectable which caused the ice to build up in the sewer line. Once I had the sewer line thawed, I then immediately replaced the tank guts. Thanks for the time-saving advice!”

– Todd, Waycross, GA

“Just found your site and wanted to say “Thank You”. I search forums all the time and never found one that dealt with mobile homes like yours does. It is really great. Thanks again for creating this website.”

– Sue, Muskegon, MI

Our Mission

Mobile home repair can be a frustrating process when you are living in a mobile home with a broken fridge, no running water, or an air conditioner that doesn’t work.

It is important to note that we do not actually perform any repairs. MobileHomeRepair.com is here to assist you with information to help you solve the problem yourself. That can mean many things. To some, this may mean understanding what type of professional to call or what to expect. To others, it may mean learning how the project is addressed and completed so they can perform a do-it-yourself repair.

Whether you choose to let a professional come out and diagnose the problem and give you a fair quote or if you decide to tackle it yourself, we are here to help!

A Note From Our Staff

We hope you enjoy Mobile Home Repair (our website, not the actual activity of repair!) We know that many people are interested in getting in keeping their homes in livable condition and it is a topic that is very important to them.

As an online resource, we hope that our various resources and guides give you all the information you need in order to make the most of your time and investment with your manufactured/mobile home. Thank you for reading and we wish you all the best!