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A few questions for Mark

I need a reliable, knowledgable person(s) to do repairs on my mobile home, can you refer anyone in my area? Southeast Iowa. Also what is the proper way to place the home on piers for the Midwest? The concrete pads have sunk. Do they have to be to the frostline? or can they just be a few feet deep and larger for stability? Also my home needs to be raised up because it’s too low, you can’t work under there anymore to do repairs.


A few answers

Hi Laura,

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with anyone in your area who works on mobile homes.

As for your footings questions, the ideal solution is to set the blocks on poured piers that go down to the frostline.  But to do that would involve moving your home, and that’s an expensive hassle.

Another option is to add more stability by using railroad ties.  Lay down the ties and set the blocks on top of them.  Sometimes the railroad ties can span both I-beams.

Finally, no sinking would happen if it was kept constantly dry underneath your home.  A dry ground would also mean no frost heave during the cold months.

Good luck!