"Mud and tape the seams" video?

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Hi all, I am looking for some sort of video of the mud and tape process, where you take down the batten strips, mud and tape, then paint. Is anybody aware of any such thing?

I'm a visual kind of person, and talking about it all day long is not going to make me any more confident that I can actually do it! CPA's video of the wall texture was what I'm looking for, something like that, only of the mud and tape.

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Just happens to be your lucky day! Our video on making panelled walls look like sheetrock'd walls has video on doing some seems, although in this case, tape wasn't used.


Otherwise for seams requiring tape, we will in the next week or two be doing a short video and posting it to our video section of this website for free viewing. Another suggestion is to try Youtube.com. Pretty much videos of anything and everything on there.

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Thanks for the Youtube.com tip.

Lots of videos on texturing drywall.

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