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Ok...not grandkids related personally, but my dad said to put this one up to share!
Here's my 4th (child) on it's way thanksgiving weekend, Zane is his name, still debating on the middle name....Brennan or Harrison.


Sorry for hijacking..still a tad relevant isn't it?
He'll join our other 3:
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Harrison is a family name. I tried to talk Noah's parents into Harrison but with a 12 letter long last name it was a bit of a mouthful.

BTW, Noah didn't have a name until about three hours before he was born. I got three baby name books and each of sat in the labor room and picked ok names. I wrote them down and then crossed out ones any of us hated. I told them they had to pick the name before her mom came and there was a fourth opinion.

Noah for the flood, Noah because after him there is an entire new world. Noah because I went to the waiting room and there was a grandpa waiting on his new grandbaby girl with a workshirt on with the name of Noah sewn to it.

His middle name is Forsyth, after his mommy and daddy's favorite square in Savannah, Georgia.
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Loved looking at all the pics of kids/grandkids. I have a new one on the way in November. We know its going to be a girl, so I'm going crazy looking at little girly stuff. She is still nameless and we're having fun trying to pick out a name.