Installing Outdoor Electrical Outlets

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I recently looked up how to install outdoor electrical outlets. What I found was instructions on how to do it for a site-built home. What they basically did was cut out a piece of the outside wall directly behind an indoor outlet and connected the outdoor outlet to the same wiring. Are Mobile home walls thick enough to have enough room to do the same thing? I need to install 3 outdoor outlets and prefer not hiring a contractor. I have a disability that keeps me from doing somethings I used to but if this will work I can handle this myself.
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I believe you will need to use weather proof boxes with GFI to meet code, most are surface mount.

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A couple things...
1) Use an offset strategy - but pay attention to the placement of wall studs - and wall wiring.

2) Pencil out where you need to cut to fit in an "old work" box. Cut it out, and assemble the box/wire/outlet.
Just use a surface mount box. All you need is a small hole for the romex to feed through....and you're almost done.

3) GFCI. Can't say it enough. GFCI. GFCI......

4) If you cut a hole for a recessed boxs - Use a weatherproof face plate.

Lastly. It is electricity. If you are not 100% certain of what you are doing....DON'T DO IT!!
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Thank you all very much! I guess I will get an electrician I know to come out?
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