Roof, Siding or Windows & Doors. What Order?

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Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:09 pm

Renovation of 1995 single Wide. All original and in Very Great condition except, it is all original. Gable Metal roof. Tiny V channel gutters. Never been coated (as far as I can tell) very rusty but not leaking. Aluminum Vertical Siding. Brown and white. Looks like a faux wood grain. uggg. Aluminum Single Pane Windows with Storm windows and half screens. All present and accounted for but ugly and inefficient.

I intend to put on a new metal roof and additional top side insulation. Replace the siding with vertical board of some kind (still to be determined) and add more side insulation also. Replace the windows with new, probably different sizes and locations, move the rear door to a new location and change it to sliding. Replace the front door with newer option.

So my questions is, In what order should these exterior renovations take place? The siding is going to be thicker than present siding. That will affect the roof overhang So it seems reasonable to install siding before roof. But if you install new siding but can't get to the new roof for another year, where does that leave the un-protected siding? The windows will be different sizes and locations which will require new frames. These will affect the siding. Why install new siding then start cutting it out for new window & door sizes and locations? But then again wouldn't you want the siding in place so you know how to fit those new frames? They will be thicker than the present install. I will be eventually replacing the wall panels with sheetrock, this will be thicker which will have an effect on the trim. But the interior is completely livable and I wanted to do the outside first. Unless that's a bad idea. And if it is.... then I have another list of which comes first.

Thanks in advance Lisa
hmmmmm I'm trying to layout a plan of attack with an order of events so I can set my budget in place. And I would appreciate advice.
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Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:59 pm

The first thing you need to do before anything is have the home checked and if necessary releveled with a water level. If the home is off before you start EVERYTHING will be off.

Remember that mobile homes are very weight sensitive when you look at the way the homes are made and the way they are supported you will see that you may need perimeter blocking to help support the additional weight.

There are many posts on window replacements /upgrades, I did ours around 2000 so if you do a search you may find my posts & pictures. I did the roof last year. The roof had pinholes so leaks all over, ended up replacing all of the drywall in the living room, plus a new window to replace the 17 yr old pella window that I put in in 2000. You need to make sure the home is 100% weather tight before you start upgrades or the upgrades will end up ruined.

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