Metal Roofing on Mobile Home

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I have a 1995 16x80 mobile home, it has a metal roof and metal siding. I bought this property as a first home in Rural Southern IL. I am wanting to update and restore this mobile home to make a comfortable living space for my now girlfriend soon to be married once I get a nice home for us. I have seen some beautiful restorations and it has inspired me. So on to my question, I am wanting to redo the exterior of this home with a charcoal metal roof and a white metal siding. I am wanting to use the classic pattern like they use for pole barn homes and such. I am wanting to get a game plan on what to expect as far as what is under my current siding, and if this siding is a good idea. I cannot find anything online using this idea. I do have a neighbor who has done this to a newer double wide and I plan on discussing it with him in the near future. Just wanting to get an idea on what's under my siding mainly. So far my budget cost for exterior siding is $4,000. Thanks.
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I would guess that under your current siding you will find studs & insulation. For low end steel figure at least $2.25 /lin.ft. You will want to add parameter blocking to help support the added weight.
You may want to consider OSB sheathing & vinyl siding.

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