Coleman Evcon...Model #DGATO7OBDC...Relay Issue!

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Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:56 pm

Lets try this again? :roll:

1994 Coleman Evcon...Dinosaur!!

Model # DGATO7OBDC...
Serial # 950372117...

57,000 BTU/HR Output...

Searched the Web, Found Relay # 134-20103-301D...Is OBSOLETE!!!

My Question is: Is Relay # 7975-3771 a Perfect Replacement Part?
Does it follow the same wireing Terminals as the OEM...# 134-20103-301D Relay.
Will I need to replace all relays..( To Up-Grade )..To the Replacement #7975-3771 Relay?

This Furnace is Equipped with,Two..# 134-20103-301D Relays..and One..# 134-40102-101D Relay.

My only Issue is with the # 134-20103-301D Relay, Sometimes I have to tap it, inorder to start the blower.

I see you have Raised the Price on the relay...No-BiGGiE! If they Cure the Problem???

Any Feed Back would be Great!

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Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:03 pm ... =1&t=10746
Same relay I fought with. The terminals should be labeled 1/2/3/4 ect I just pulled terminal by terminal and matched the number to the color. It ended up the relay wasn't the problem so I put the old one back in. ... 9ZL4cuz7Gg
is the wiring diagram I found on the old one.

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Wed Jan 21, 2015 11:52 am

Thanks for the Reply, But thats Not an Answer!
My Issue is the Relay...( For Sure! )
I've had it apart afew times, the contacts are worn, coils are weak...There 20 years old!
after i cleaned them and redressed the contacts, it has'ent caused any further problems.
I do understand how to match the Terminals, my question is...will relay # 7945-3771 perform the same Dutys as the OEM Relays?
I just wanna be able to Limp this Piece of Crap through the rest of this Winter! I will be Installing a New Furnace this coming Summer!

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Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:13 pm

OE relay #134-20103-301D is a (RELAY COIL 24V 50/60HZ 5 BLADE) Or (5 Prong Relay 134-20103-301D 14 FLA 84LRA 125 VAC 7FLA 42LRA 277 VAC COIL 24 V 50/60HZ 25A RES 277VAC). Same as #7945-3771. ... B009UDBYIU
OneTrip Parts® Two Year Replacement Policy
This is NOT the Original Part which Has Been Discontinued
This is a Functional Replacement - Match the Terminal Numbers
One Set of Single Pole-Double Throw Contacts
Commonly used in Manufactured Housing Applications
Direct Replacement Part for Many Unitary Products Group Models
Used on York, Luxaire, Coleman, Coleman-Evcon, Fraser/Johnson, and Air Pro
The OE (original equipment) relay is NLA, (no longer available) and this is the substitute part. You don't really have a choice. Will it hold up like the old one did? Probably not because the way they build stuff now a days is cheap. Will it do the same thing? Absolutely. I had to replace my #134-20103-301D with the #7945-3771. But that wasn't the reason why it didn't work, so I put the old one back in. I have the #7945-3771 as a spare for when #134-20103-301D craps out. Put the #7945-3771 in so you don't have to smack it to get it to work! You'll be fine.

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