Taxed as a MH even after remodel?

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Fri Oct 23, 2009 5:06 pm

We plan to remodel dd's mh and add on--it is like 12 x46 and we plan to add 12 x 46 and replace all windows/doors/roof add siding it will look like a house when done but still be a mh by property tax standards? Or is a MH a personal property? We pay both :(
The MH is 1970's so very low value and current taxes are 150 for 2 mh but not good looking lol the plan is to do the need to do things now and as we have $ and time add the other half of mh, it might not look right for a little while lol

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Fri Oct 23, 2009 5:33 pm

Tax laws on mobiles differ from state to state. Some say that if it is on a full foundation it is no longer a Mobile, others say once a mobile always a mobile, then you have everything in between. Contact your local officials for the regulations in your area. Greg
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I am looking for the lowest taxes so this OK with me,great really --I will check but I think it is a MH until MH is totally removed--if I ever resale this will be an issue but it is rental property and my plan is to hold onto the property for lifetime as rental prices are high at this location and a 3 college town and all my rentals are my retirement income--I do not retire for 20 some years--all will be paid off and all profit income--but taxes can be a pain when you have rentals--one place I own went from 400 yr to 1200 due to it is a rental, still working on fight this one lol-- and the age of the MH it might be off the books so taxes should stay low--and any add on we will DIY so cost will stay low
Thanks, Melissa---if ya can not tell I am full of ?'s right now--can not wait until the loans stuff is ready so we can start working--football for son is over this week and my dd,drum major for band last comipition for yr tomorrow--i have free time coming and I have to have a project lol

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Greg is correct.

In Florida when a MH is installed on your own land it must become real estate property. And if you make improvements your property taxes can go up. In my county if you pull a permit your property taxes will probably go up.

In Florida if a MH is installed on rented property the MH... by law... is a motor vehicle and must be registered each year.

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