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I was just wondering if anyone ever heard of any places that sell parts of mobile homes, such as carports, decks, etc.

Like if someone was to move out, or the home is being torn down, and they have a deck, or awnings, or a carport in decent shape, they would set that aside, and sell it, then tear down the home.

Or can you even remove a carport from one home, and attached it safely to another of the same style? or would someone really cart off a deck, then try to resell it?

There was once a neighbor of mine who had a long beautiful porch/deck. But her house inside was crap. Anyway, they removed all her deck with the awning over it, and I thoguht, hmmm, I should have asked her if I could have that porch.

But would it even have attached to mine, I wonder. and would I really drag/move it two doors down, and then if it didn't work, I would have to get rid of it myself.

There is an organization that recycles construction material and re-sells it but I just ca'nt remember the name of it at the moment,,they do have a website tho. Maybe it is "ReStore" but I ca'nt find referance to it being nationwide at the moment.

I am also looking for a treated deck to tear-down and revamp for My place. I have been asking around My area for one wich I'll tear-down and haul away free..It can be a challenge to rework older lumber but if it's in good shape it's a shame to waste it,,especially treated lumber..

For deck material I would think safety as-in will it still hold the weight it would when new or near enough for Your needs and guests' safety. Almost anything can be re-vamped to work but how well it will work/look/fit and how much work it will take kind of depends on measurements and design I guess.

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I do not know of any national company, but that does not mean there is not one.

If you happen to see a home where there is reconstruction happening or whatever the case, I would pull in and ask, what is happening with the deck, awning etc. The worst they can do is say no you can't have it or buy it...

Now, if or when you put a deck to your home please make sure that it is free standing, in other words DO NOT attach it to your home.

Awnings, although I like them if you happen to live in a high wind area I do not recommend them, again, not saying that you can not have them. Also make sure they are properly installed. Any screws used to attach them should be caulked to prevent water from going into your exterior walls.

If you have not already done so Mark offers a great and informative Repair Manual in the BOOKS/PARTS link above. Y9u can either order the manual book form or you can download it. The manual has great pics and easy to understand directions...

Have a great day!

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Check some of the Parks in your area. As for a national company, I would think the shipping would wipe out any savings you had buying used. Greg
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Yanita's reply has merit. My son does home remodeling work and would bust at the seams if someone drove up and offered to take some of the stuff away for him. He has to pay someone to load the scrap onto the trailer, cart it to the dump, then pay a hefty dump fee.

However, there might be an insurance liability issue to consider. You'd probably have your best luck at a smaller remodeling job being done by a small local company where the owner is on-site.
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Since I tear down barns and sheds for a living, I will put my two cents in...
The idea of leftover stuff is not crazy, just a little specific.
Be advised you may have to dismantle the deck or carport in order to transport it.
There will be lots of nails and sometimes things break upon removal.
You may have to get a shed or a couple of tarps to store the building materials in from the rain, until you have enough stuff to do everything.
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If you watch shows like "This Old House" etc., you will sometimes see that there are dealers who sell used building material. Some of them only specialize in architectural material like old mouldings, doors, windows, columns. I even saw one with a complete bar. They may be hard to track down, but they are there. Habitat for Humanity runs the ReStores and treasures can be found there if you show up on the right day.

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Hmm....good info, I was thinking of moving a deck in one piece, (if possible, like on a trailer, or back of a truck, and then setting it up in my yard. or at least taking it in as few pieces as possible. I'll have to keep my eye out for ones that are moving. It seems a lot are moving out of my park, and they are then filling in the spaces with new double wides. Some streets have like 3 or 4 empty spaces in a row. I think cause our rent is too high. When they are for sale, a lot are bought and moved, instead of moved in.
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You can check with the park manager. On evictions, or tear down mobile homes, they have been known to sell or "donate" the remaining sheds, porches, decks, or skirting to interested parties...

the park maintenance folks can often be hired to help move the items, especially if it will fit on a bobcat. Items also can often be moved with a flat bed tow truck.

I acquired a shed, a medium sized porch, back steps etc by this route, and have been happy with the process.

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You might try You can check and see if there is a group near you and post what you are looking for. Worth a try!

Annie :D
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Freecycle, Habitat for Humanity stores, and even asking contractors. Lots and lots of places to get stuff free or nearly free.