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We have a 2000 Liberty DW and want to install a Wood stove. We have our Insurance co. blessing, the only thing now is the size. It will mainly heat the living room & kitchen area.
How big is to big? Anyone else out there do this? Any advice will be apprecieted.
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Jim from Canada
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Most stoves will be advertised on how many square feet they are efficient for. Go by that.
Remember, minimum code requirement is just that....MINIMUM
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I heat my single wide 95% with a wood stove. Working on chimneys is also what I do for a living.

Take a stove's listed square heating with a grain of salt. How ever the stove is tested by the manufacturer you will probably not burn with the precision that they do. That being said, the numbers they give are a good rough guide.

Fans are the trick to getting heat all over your house.

My stove is small and it gets my home warm easily. For a double wide you might want something a little larger then me, but I wouldn't say a big stove. Too large of a stove in a home can be a real pain. Look for small/medium sized stoves. There a ton of stove manufacturers and lots are sold by region so its hard to tell you a brand. Go to some stove stores to see what they have, ask other wood burners in your area what they like, pick the brain of you local chimney sweep, and check around on the internet.

The most important thing is a good install. The stove you pick must be approved by HUD for a mobile home. There are some special needs for a mobile home install. HUD is in charge of the codes. Look for someone with a CSIA or NFI certification.

The price of a new stove and installation can be high, but it is an investment in your home. Most people can recoup the cost in 2-4 years. If you can get free wood it is an even faster return on investment. Plus being warm in the winter time is its own pay back.

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Thanks, going w/ a Lopi medium size. Have my insurance co. approval w/ the install.
We are looking forward to this, more energy independence....