Painting Aluminum Siding And Skirting

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Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:35 pm


I have a 70' 1980 trailer with a wood grain on the aluminum siding, which must be printed on some how. The paint is not pealing or anything like that but I would like it to be a different color. I have heard of people using acrylic latex paint and primer. But why not use an oil based primer and paint? I would guess that oil based is tough stuff, unless you cant get it in a satin>?

As far as the skirting goes it is plastic and brown in color, I was thinking of getting some spray paint (10+ cans) to do the skirting which should cover all that I want to do doing the math. Of course the paint would be the Krylon stuff made for plastic, is this a good idea????


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Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:19 pm

Try doing a search, I know it's been talked about, but I don't remember who or what.

Perhaps the people involved will chime in.

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A big part of the job you're doing is the prep. I'd ask at your local paint store exactly what kind of paints/primers you will need. Painting the plastic skirting will be a little tougher than the siding, but it can be done.
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hello i used behr premium plus, and zingglers primer, on vinle sideing with aluminum softit. been a year and it's still like new. prep is everything.
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Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:16 am

Yeah, did the search but get some mixed info, just curious if oil based paint should be used, just seems like tough paint for metal surfaces.

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I am a new member here, but I do know a bit about painting, so I thought I would chime in.

I would choose a quality Latex paint over oil based enamel any day. Latex paint is vastly improved since its humble beginnings, and it has the flexability needed to withstand changes in the weather. Oil based enamels, on the other hand, are "harder" but more brittle for that reason. Siding will heat and cool many times a day on a sunny winter's day for example.
I would HIGHLY recommend Benjamin Moore products. Use their Fresh Start All-Purpose Primer, and top coat with IMPERVEX (Exterior Latex). I do not work for BM, but I have used their products professionally, and very successfully for the past 20 years.

Just my two cents.


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You might check out "Valspar Duramax", brown and gold label.
Got mine at home Depot.
I use it on vinyl siding and it is amazing. also recommended for aluminum.

Drys hard. Might be a couple of bucks more then cheaper stuff but darn well worth it.
self priming, but might need a second coat depending on the color you're trying to cover.
I covered baby Blue siding and and DID do a second coat just to be sure. Looks great.
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Thanks for the replies, sounds like latex is the way to go. I will look into the BM and the Valspar stuff. Thanks!

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we used valspar about 3 yaars ago. it has held up great!! this was our second time in 10 years. the first paint job was also valspar and it had lasted 7 years without peeling or fading.our skirting was painted wi the same stuff. i didnt use primer. we power washed the trailer about 2-3 days before to make sure it would be dry.

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I just painted a 3-season porch, built one year ago. Lowe's has a brochure of paints made for painting vinyl. I matched up the color and bought a gallon. It went on easy and looks great.