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Wed Nov 11, 2009 1:04 pm

Do I and if so what king of primer should I use to prime aluminum exterior. The screws are rusted I quess I should replace them first?

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Mon Nov 16, 2009 9:09 pm

Our first mh --we painted, the first thing was to remove the screw that were rusted--a long job even with and electric drill lol get lots of hexigon bits but if you do not the job in a year wil look bad and you will have wished you would have--we use a really good paint--Benjamin Moore--2 coats--self primer--it runs ?? 30+ a gallon but really good paint--18 years later it still looks great--we live by it--and we used the same paint on our white vinyl siding--when we bought our house they had used the wrong nails and we had big rust spots we painted it--we were like well if it last a few years then we can replace the siding--still looks great 17 years later lol so great paint--just one word of advice--where are you located ?? paint does not do very good if the temp at night gets below 50 and this paint is a little different in that it cures over 5-7 days you notice a big diff--and it gets harder/tougher--plus we had the underpinning that is metal--gavanized that looks like block/stone--you can get a sealer for it --ask paint dealer--and then paint it too same paint as mh--this went through 2 floods--we live by the Ohio river and we just washed off