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Thought I would share a picture of our bathroom remodel. This bath has a shower/tub (to the left, behind the door). I basically got a nice rounded shower curtain to give more space in the shower. Because cost is an issue, I spent weeks scouring Craig's List and got a great deal on the set (vanity, faucet, mirror, cabinet). I paid less than $200 for the entire set (brand new, travertine top). I got the toilet brand new for $35 from a kitchen and bath store that lists unclaimed items on CL at a discount. I put in new (vinyl) flooring and did Venetian Plaster on the walls. The last thing was to put in oil rubbed bronze light switch covers, shower curtain, towel rack and toilet paper holder (we also re-wired the plugs/switches with standard boxes).

Basically, the whole remodel cost me about $300! I've been bit-by-bit trying to find bargains then working on the house one project at a time :D My husband was never a DIYer so at first he thought I was crazy. Now he just listens to me when I say I have a new project in mind.
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Looks great. Right place, right time for great deals.

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It's so beautiful! And being able to do it on a budget sounds wonderful!

I had parts of my bathroom done by someone and the person was so rude about it saying "it's JUST a mobile home" and using very terrible materials and not giving me options. He was so condescending.
I vowed to do more on my own since because who wants to deal with that type of attitude.

Seeing pictures like these show that mobile homes can be just as nice, if not more, as any other home without spending a fortune.
Greatly inspiring!!
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Really very inspiring! I am very stingy and always try to find good options for repair at cheaper. What you showed is wow! Follow this example, the main zeal!