cordless impact drill

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Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:11 pm

There were a few names I forgot about.

Metabo. Good tools, I believe they pioneered the "soft start" system.

Makita, you either love them or hate them. I have a 1/2" drill that will wrap up if you let it, But I would never buy another one.

Hitichi, I have a 1/2" wood router, I love it!!

Grizzly, Mail order. over all not bad tools from what I have seen. Personally I like to have "hands on" before buying something.

Tool Junkie?? I have more $$ in tools than I do my house!!!
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Thu Jul 14, 2011 10:14 am

Makita, you either love them or hate them. I have a 1/2" drill that will wrap up if you let it, But I would never buy another one.

My Milwaukee D-Handle was the same way Greg. It was low geared/RPM. Perfect for mixing mud,the low speed adds less air bubbles. And in fair defense of the Dewalt mixing drill,it is higher RPM so not exactly suited to my primary use for it. But but but,it has that problem I despise,the variable speed switch has a dead spot,,grrrrrr. When I bought it it was what I could find locally and get back to the job site,so,I'll use the dang thing right up until I don't.

The Makita drywall gun from years ago was a nice gun to use,light and easy to hang/screw the ceiling in an entire house in a day,did it many times. It just didn't last for that kind of use. When the boss got that Milwaukee I think it had gone through 4 years of the same treatment and was still working when I left. We mostly finished and textured but did a fair bit of hanging too.

I have a Milwaukee hammer drill,have had it for a few years,use it once in a blue moon.Just dug it out of the tool room yesterday to make sure it was in the case and didn't "walk off" and disappear! Also found my old bag of hand tools I hadn't seen in quite some time,,no wonder I have several of this/that/the other thing! :lol:

My tool room is like my brain pan--Disorganized and has a few things in the piles that just don't relate to anything else! :roll: :lol: My son is coming with his pickup(mine needs a motor)Sat morning and that room is going to lose some junk to the landfill along with a few things from the other rooms and outside. When that's done we will come back and load up his old "widow maker" Suzuki GS850 so it can take up room in *his* yard for a change.


PS-Anybody near NE IA with a good 5.7L(350)Chevy motor for sale? I need one that would drop right in to a 96 Silverado 4x4 ext cab without any changing of wire harnesses and such,that crap can be a nightmare.