"It's just a trailer" mentality

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Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:06 pm

I'm here to vent- but any kind words of encouragement or advice would be appreciated.

I live in the hicks of NC in the Piedmont/Triad area. Alot of farms, but that is dying out as cotton is GONE, tobacco is GONE, and the farms are pretty much fading away. As the older generations die off the up and coming seem to be focused on 'keeping up with the Jones'.

My 1967 junk pile was my mother's who passed away. I could have officially junked the house as it was AWFUL- work had to be done to get it up to a point where health workers could come in. Holes in the floor, roof leaking, bathrooms just so unbecoming, etc. It was a nightmare.
Not filth, but just old. Everything was always 'clean'...but when an elderly person is on Hospice- how clean can it really be? Things were neglected.

Anyways- after learning the home was within 1/8" of being level and foundation was sound- I wanted to save the home. Not just restore it, but go above and beyond and make it look better than when it was first built in the '60s.

DEMO city! As many of you know first hand. There is not one bit of OSB board- it's all 3/4" plywood, and outdoor grade for the bathrooms and washing machine area.
All surfaces have been scrubed and fixed and redone.
Windows have casing, floors have baseboard (got rid of carpet and have tile), walls have moldings and crown moldings at ceiling. Everything is complementary- you know, everything cohesive instead of mixed matched doors/hardware/switches/outlets, etc.

I've spent a fortune, and the kitchen has been updated, too!

While I've done all this own my own, yes, my own two hands.... I belong to a church that is very compassionate and helpful...a world leader. We look after each other, lend a helping hand, send casseroles over...that sort of thing.

Well, they guy who looks after my family (just me and teenage daughter) rarely comes. And he 'offers' to help but is often a no show. So I just do things alone.
When he does come over to 'help'...

well, that's the point of this venting. "Well, Sister is there anything we can help you with"...and I say, "as a matter of fact there is"...and describe my next project of replacing the front door.
I'd like to get the kind that is a door and storm door all in one piece.

But he just looks at my door and says, see these screws, all we need to do is unscrew these and put a new door in- you don't need to replace the whole thing.


This guy is a 'rigger', just duct tape it, nail it in...that sort of thing. There is no real thought to longevity. This is my HOME, not just a trailer. I will reside here for at least 40 more years or more! So everything I do must be very SOUND and SOLID...not just rigging things up to get me by.

Oh, I wish he would just stay away! Or if he wanted to help...really help. Not just downgrade everything I'm trying to do.

When a tree fell and hit my roof last year causing a hole- real water pouring in...he 'helped me'...went up and put a piece of metal down using some black tar....yep- like that would hold.
A month later when I went up to check...the tar was mushy and water was getting in from all around.

Oh, but he 'helped'.

I know, I know.... it's not his job, his place, or his responsibilty....

but we just don't see eye to eye.

Venting over, I should just be grateful the Lord has given me strength and courage to take on this by myself.

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Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:47 pm

OK, My first question is who appointed him as your Guardian ??? I know what it is like to have help that is neither help or wanted.

I know you are (as you should be) very proud of your home, Some people just can not understand that just because it is built in a factory it is still a HOME, just as much as any stick built. Just keep up the good work, and let your pride show. Greg
"If I can't fix it, I can screw it up so bad no one else can either."

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Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:12 am

sister i knoww where you're comeing from, my mobile HOME is the first thing i didn't rent or lease in 27 years,, it didn't need any major work i just did stuff remodel it to make it mine, i did it all my self, wife told me what she wanted and i told her if it can be done and i did it, friends gave advice, and ideas but no one picked up a hammer or saw to help me, except one neighbor who help me with my leaking roof.this web site is great help, but they don't do house calls ha ha ha . next time said gardian comes around tell him to go away , don't go away mad, just go away, thats all i got to say bout that.
"a man has got to know his limitations", clint eastwood. " i haven't found mine yet," me

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Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:17 am

oh just one more thing remember HE will not give you more that he knows you can handle.
"a man has got to know his limitations", clint eastwood. " i haven't found mine yet," me