Small roaches & mice in my house

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Greg S
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Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:21 pm

I believe this is a case where getting her to understand is secondary to actually getting it done.
I would get her out by hook or crook and get the placed treated asap.
You are living under conditions which could definitely have adverse health implications especially for her.
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Thu Dec 31, 2009 11:51 pm

A different type of roach? There are different types of roaches; however you might want to take a closer look at them and make sure they really are roaches. They might be bedbugs. Bedbugs are fairly small and could be mistaken for baby roaches (at a distance or if your eyes are bad) or baby stink bugs. If they look like a small stink bug they might be bedbugs. Bedbugs are starting to make a big comeback in the United States. They were nearly eradicated. Some of them have become immune to most pesticides and they can be very hard to get rid of. Several of the trailers and several of the cottages were infested where I live at and downtown there have been and probably are very bad infestations. If you use a communal laundry room; you need to be very careful not to cross contaminate your clothes with other peoples dirty laundry. Hot dryers can kill bedbugs and their eggs; however once you pull them out of the dryer you have to be careful not to cross contaminate with other people's laundry that might be in infested.

I've done a perimeter around my trailer every few months with diatomaceous earth to try to prevent bedbug infestations and roachs, and try to reduce the number of crickets, stink bugs, pincher beetles, slugs, ants, etc... you have to be careful with diatomaceous earth though because it's bad to breath; it's like volcanic dust.

I found one mouse inside my trailer recently. I killed him with an old-fashioned mousetrap. Fortunately I don't see any other evidence of any other mice and fortunately it wasn't a nursing female. I haven't found any evidence that he did damage yet. I put some poison mouse baits in my water heater box and I stuck an open can of mothballs under my trailer near where all the service lines enter the house. I'm hoping that the mothballs will repel vermin out from underneath my trailer. I encourage my dog not to chase the stray cats. I'm not the biggest fan of the world of cats but they do have their place in the animal kingdom and society and if they kill mice, rats and sparrows and starlings I am happy with them.

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Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:15 am

:roll: Gosh! I thought this post would have been locked a long time ago.
Well I still have the roaches or what ever they are & when I get me that digital camera I'm indeed going to upload them here, cause I don't exactly know what they are.
I know for a fact there are a 1000's species of them on our planet, big & small.
They have infested all my electronics appliances (TV,DVD players,VCR'S,Miicrowave,Computer's) & have droppings al through the house & in the walls.
I would love to just get another house & burn this one down.
I could smoke the entire house but my wife love's her pet's too much to bring them back into the house afterwards & her Fibro Is so sensitive to smells all the time regardless of what the smell's are it drives her crazy to smell it.
Can't even use the sprays on the market. We just simply smash them with our shoes & keep the counters sprayed down with cloxox spray.
I'll send some picks of what ever they are soon & get to the bottom of this delema for good & maybe I can convince my wife we need to bomb the house to get rid of them for good.
It's hard to stay rid of them for all the differant neighber's that move in & out especially the druggy's we used to have that started all of this in the first place.
Never had te bugs till they moved out, then they moved over to ours.
I'd like to find some kind of barrier spray that I can spray around my entire lot around my trailer to keep them from coming to our property.
I'm through. Sorry! :oops:
I do want to find out what they are though through the help of you guy's here as soon as possible once I get my camera.
Your advice is needed soon.
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