alltel(verizon) data speeds

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If I dump My home ph line/ISP 2.5MB connection(same company)and My current cell service(diff company)I could possibly save $40-$50 a month by going to alltel/verizon for all 3 using the cell with My laptop,depending on any hidden costs of course. Also the laptop could be used on the road without waiting to get near a wifi hotspot. If the price is true and the speed acceptable there are plenty of advantages for Me.

The home phone can just stay hooked-up on the wall cause they work for 911 wether service is activated or not.

The info I picked up yesterday says "700 anytime mins $39.99" and "unlimited data $10",,add a few costs or upgrade to 1000 anytime minutes and I'd still save

Does anyone here use the above company for data? What is Your cost and data speed? Is it reliable?