Krylon Fusion paint for plastic

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Just sprayed my white bathroom base cabinet a beautiful Satin Black.
The cabinet is that same stuff that they put on white shelving.
Thermofoil or melamine or some such. Basically Plastic.

This Krylon Fusion Paint is fantastic. 4 coats in about an hour and it will be cured to resist chipping in 7 days. I will post pictures of it and the rest of my new (to me) bathroom soon.

Now this $30 cabinet from Habitat for the Humanities looks expensive. :roll:

On Edit
Spray outside if at all possible.
The over spray SOOT will drift everywhere, even if you think that your masking has covered everything. Ha ha.

It dries to dust in about 12 inches beyound the thing you are painting.
It looks like coal dust. Leaves a beautiful finish though.
Good luck.
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