I finally got moved...

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I was offline for a bit, during the move. Not settled in of course, but I am officially moved. It is nice to see my kids out riding their bikes, and being able to play. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but have done a lot to make it nice. my addition is finished, and half sided. Still have to finish that up. Waiting on siding I ordered!
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Well Tony now the real challange will start, remodeling with HELP!!!! Greg
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Hey Tony,

Was wondering where you have been.

Glad you and the family finally got moved, it's great when we can send the kids or in my case Grand kids out to play with minimal fears.

Since you got alot of the bigger repairs taken care of before the move, the rest will just happen over time and of course as the all mighty dollar allows.

Settle in, live there awhile before you start doing any real big changes in the home.

Take some pics and post in your album so we can keep up with the progress!

Thanks for the update.

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