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Just curious after seeing your avatar all this time did you name your dog DeWalt?
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Am moving this to the Off Topic forum, follow there.

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Naw, maybe I should have. I just like messing around with photoshop and actually have her posed on a few logos. Originally, it was going to be a revolving thing, going through the different avatars from time to time. But I got lazy and like this one most, so there it is. Her name is Reddish. She is the spittin' image of my first dog, which I had for 13 years. Her name was Red. This one came about a year after Red past, so Reddish it is! Looks are about the end of the similarities though. Both Pits were rescues.

I also have a old Bassett Hound named Droopy and a cat named Shedder. Got the name from being a stray living in my sheds out back. I lost my favorite cat to old age. D.C. (dumb cat - sorry, not much of a cat person) and also lost a crippled crow named Chester. It's name was originally Elsinore, but the name didn't fit the character.


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