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Jim from Canada
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I have no problem with people getting rich. It is HOW the get rich that I have a problem with. If you got it through hard work and fair play, that is OK. If you got it buy cheating, swindling, lying, stepping on, and taking advantage of other people, go to jail, lose it all!

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Greg S
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Maybe the government should skim some money off of the 17 Billion dollar annual NASA budget.

Awe come on ,nasa is the only one that actually shows us where our moneys going.
At least they are entertaining us by shooting it into space and learning something from it.
The rest is being giving to already rich bankers and they are using it at resorts we can't even afford to
golf at.
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SETI would be a start.
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I have a $600 screwdriver and a $1000 pliers,I better trim the budget.. JK :) I do wonder if Ya can train a $600 screwdriver to never get lost tho!! Might be worth it :D

I am against cutting the budget for all but bunk science,,and,,same goes for the military. On *some levels* the military/defense is more important than education. Science goes hand-in-hand with just about everything there is,,the military allows things to go hand-in-hand in relative peace,,usually. Accountability is another issue,,man alive,is it ever..


Personally I think we should make the punishment fit the crime.
I remember in the 80's when Micheal Milken did the junk bond
scandal and made 40 million and his fine was 4 million.

Net profit 36 million.Shouldn't it have been more like 44 million, I mean the whole
idea is to pay for your crimes, not profit from them.

The problem with our government is to much secrecy,which I can understand in the case of some things, but how we got ringed into 400 dollar hammers was just pure political hog swill.

And as to seti FL I am a person who agrees with Stephen Hawkins
that we aren't the only ones in this universe and I want to know if they are coming, and if they are peaceful.And actually the seti budget is so small it couldn't even buy a hamburger at a good state dinner.
And most of their computer time is donated by peer to peer
sharing program that runs on a beowolf system like mine.So people donate computer time.

The real culprits are the bankers and mega corps who spend millions to lobby congress and goverment to allow them to screw
us out of money by loosening goverment regs on them.And then ask to be bailed out when they mess up.What aig donated to
just political campaigns this election is enough to pay of mortgages in your home town for everyone.

I have a uncle who was a commercial banker and stock broker
now retired and he said when this all started, that the problem
is letting banks sell investments and vica versa, that if your gonin
to sell a financial product you need to understand it and stocks and
banking are two different fields and never should have been mixed.

His example was if you look at small banks like mine that hasn't got into investing and stuck to what they know best they are stable.

What got them into this mess is banks taking on risky investments
from people who make a living doing high risk investing.

I mean look a Donald Trump he makes his living on high risk investing and even he said that they were screwing up.

But most of all americans need to get off their duff and hold goverment accountable for it's wrongs and applaud those who do right. And it ought to be obvious by now the republicans and the democrats are just two sides of the same coin.Time to throw that coin in the jar and pull out a new one.
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A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul. -- Shaw
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how about the 300 billion in the dem. pet projects? all went to for companys over seas saw on news Obama passed all dems. pet projects.
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"300billion"?? Heck,if that was all at stake I'd be happy as can be....$300,000,000,000 is only about $1,000 per person for the 300,000,000 folks in the USA,,I think the final bill will be *much* greater than that.


there ain't enuff smoke in the world.
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Question is;;;Where did it *truly* start?,,,and,,,how to make sure it *never* starts again??!!??
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there ain't enuff smoke in the world. :)