Electric Fireplaces 50% off

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I was in my local Home Depot Saturday morning and they are changing displays to spring already. All the fireplaces are 50% off! I got mine last year at this time for 50% off, paid $189, and thought I'd pass it along in case someone here is thinking of getting one. It's strange how they push the seasons in these stores. There's still plenty of cold weather yet to come.
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Thanks for the heads up! I am looking for an electric fireplace to put in our guest bedroom. We will have to look at Home Depot!


Think thats eerie, I live in Minnesota and kmart has sandals on the shelves before the snow is gone and by the way home depot here was lowering prices on snow blowers the other day ,even tho I still got a 4 foot drift across the front yard.
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We went to Lowe's today and bought a $1,200.00 electric fireplace for $329.00 because it was the 'display' model and ALL of them were marked way down there. We just finally finished settling it into the living room, and it's beautiful (doesn't heat worth a poo but looks great).

I'll put up a photo as soon as I can. Every year I've been adding one nice piece of furniture into the living room and taking out one piece of old mismatched furniture out. Took forever lol but finally nearing the end of a beautiful *matching* living room.

I had asked yesterday about electric fireplaces in the forum lol so it's cool you mentioned it also :) Have to love those slashed prices.

( by the way I went to buy my kid a snow suit the other day, and stood in the store utterly confused as to why there were swimsuits and sandals out also when we need SNOW clothes! )

- Teresa in a very cold and snowy Michigan
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Could always hide quartz radiant heater behind fake logs so it actually felt like it was doing something(just joking don't have any
idea how they are built might be fire hazard)but think of the possibilitys , and if worse comes to worse you can always burn the
wood in it for heat.Like to think way outside the box here.