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We apparently have had a mouse (or vole, or...?) get up into the insulation under the master bath and die. There's nothing like waking up to the smell of dead "something". Hubby got under the unit and found nothing. He said there is a faint odor underneath, but nothing like what's coming up under the bathroom cabinet...probably the opening around the pipe.

Any good advice on how to get rid of the smell? Is there something that's effective? And how/where would it be used? Or do we wait until it has decomposed and the odor dissipates naturally?
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Been there! I couldn't stand the smell anymore and literally ripped the side of the island out and removed the dead mouse. I would think it would take some time to get rid of the smell if you don't remove it. It may sound extreme, but i replaced the side with real wood and it looks wonderful! Hopefully someone else will have a better idea.
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We just had the bathrooms gutted and the vanity cabinets are brand new with granite tops. Tearing them back out at this point isn't an option. I think I'll have to stick it out. Darn! Ick.
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Not a fun job!! Check the articles section of the site. Greg
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sounds far fecthed but if the drain pipe opening is big enough you may be able to get a flexable bore scope device in to take a look see. they are fiber optic and have a light. iv'e used them alot at my job auto tech , then you can go from there. either way i would get some spray foam and close up all openings in the floor that go to the outside. good luck
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I recently had the same problem. A mouse ate through a foil bag and I believe that's what killed him. It was in the wall behind the kitchen cabinets. I couldn't see ripping cabinets and wall out so I put up with the smell. It took about two weeks to go away.
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Most cabinets have the kick panel installed after the cabinet installation. Often there are just a few brad nails holding it in place, sometimes glued. Regardless, you can gain access at this point and either reset the existing toe kick or install a new one.

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