outdoor water faucet?

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I have a leeking faucet, the ones that come out of the house to hook up a hose. Is there anything special in taking it off and instailling a new one compared to a stick house? My lawn is dying and need to fix this tomorrow.
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I would get to it quickly.....I called a plumber! I had drenched underbelly insulation that now has to be removed and replaced. I could not do it myself, but a plumber replaced the hydrant and damaged pipe for $115.00. Well worth it to me...but wish I'd realized sooner the other damage it was doing. In Utah I would get the frost-free hydrant. Good Luck!
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Should be the same. If you do have freezing weather I would go with a frost free, or inside shut off. Greg
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could you put a screw on cover on the faucet temporarily until the repair? I have them on the drain on the water heaters, as an extra protection against leaks... less than 3 dollars

of course, that will only help if the leak is coming out the end of the faucet, and not from the pipe or any connections...

Brenda (OH)