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I need to either repair or replace the drywall in one of my bedrooms. When my son moved out he had destroyed his walls. There is holes all over the walls along with what looks like wax dripping all over the walls.

I am afraid if I try and remove this wax or what ever it is, the walls will be damaged so bad that they won't be able to be patched without looking good. I have no problem patching the holes, but the hole rooms is another story. I was wondering if I could just put new dry wall up over the old or if I should take it all down because of the weight. I wath thinking of using wanscoating on the bottom part and drywall on the top section.
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the fake waisnscotting pannels are very thin (and the real stuff is pretty thin too). so you can either completely cover the walls with new drywall and put up the wainscotting over it, or replace the upper drywall and cover the damaged lower. I'm new to mobile homes, but I don't think the weight will be an issue with thin drywall.
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You could recover them with 3/8" rock, but you will need to remove all of the switches & outlets to bring them to the edge of the sheetrock.

Now my question is this, if your son has issues damaging the walls, why replace it? Our son went through a stage of punching holes. When he went to camp one summer I re did the room. 3/8 OSB under the new rock, Funny thing happened the first time he tried to punch a hole.

If he has grown out of the destructive stage I think I would just remove & replace the sheetrock. With the walls open you can check the insulation and any leaks. Greg
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