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Brenda OH
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I have gotten a home back from a buyer, I am ready to do round two on floor repairs..

the floors were very badly pet damaged (odors, filth) I thought the contractors cleaned them, but they may have painted over some filth with oil based paint. odors are still present, although a lot less than before,

I wondered if there was a product I could seal the floors with, then floor over with luann and seal it also. the floors are very solid.

Brenda (OH)
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I have used Natures Miracle in the past..but this was for minor ocassional accidents. I personally think that if the damage is significant then replacement is necessary. Animals can generally smell through any type of blocker, so the next person that lives there with a pet will have his pet "mark" thier territory.

JMO, I am sure others will have input. Also there are many past threads on this if you care to do a search.

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Replacement of the damaged area is the most successful way, however I have seen KILZ paint do an excellent job of 'sealing' the odor(cat urine-By far the worst of all animal odors). It would be the most cost effective way of dealing with the problem(IMHO).
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KILZ oil-based DOES cover scent ... but, as Yanita says: tis possible that the next "LITTLE PRECIOUS" would 'mark' the spot again ...

NOW : AN UNSOLICITED, UNPAID ENDORESMENT: *I* bought "ZERO ODOR" (ZEROODORSTORE.COM) ... it worked very well to cover / erase cat scent ... and, it is possible to then cover w/ KILZ ... just my humble method .

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I am on some landlord and vacation rental groups and they all love and recommend
I am ordering it for myself--the mh we just closed on has a new couch in it but a male cat sprayed it--I am going to try it vs it going to dump---the groups all rave about odor x it getting rid of pet and refrigeratiors--when turned off and rotten meat/food left in--it gets rid of that odor
Good luck, Melissa inWV