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Is it possible to replace the front door frame with wood? The stuff these homes come with is just that crappy particle board that a drop of water will ruin and we thought about taking that out and putting in wood, prime then paint. The doors are fine so we don't want to spend 300.00 for a frame and door set if we can just take the door frame out and replace that with wood. The existing frame itself is fine but if the door is open and it's raining then water gets on it and you have to grab a towel and dry it so there is no damage and if we replace that with wood then the next owner will not need to worry about it. We are putting in new locks and thought this would be the time to deal with a new frame.

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The short answer is is yes, you can, many of us have. The longer answer is that it will most likely require some reframing to make a full size door fit. Plus it sounds like you need to make a few minor changes such as adding a drip edge or section of gutter over the door.

Mark, the owner of this site has written a book that covers this and about any other repair you may need, It's in the "Books & parts" section of the site. Greg
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raise the door head and put in a $130 steel door complete with wood jamb like I did. Or really invest and buy a $60 vinyl cellulose jamb kit. Wood will rot but that stuff won't.
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all you should have to do is make the frame the same size as the one you are taking out unless you are replaceing the doors with a full sized door.
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