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Greetings ...

Am now to the point of replacing the water lines in my "FAB MASTER BATH" .
So, *I* hies to "HOMEBOYs" & checks-out the selection of PEX fittings, tubing, etc ...

Now, let it be said that *I* am NOT going to re-pipe the entire place : just the new FMBt sinks & tub ...

One thing *I* have noted --- and MARK can address this ::::

:?: ??? why are there NO rings available for PV tubings ??? :?:

If *I* buy PEX, *I* can buy extra rings ( there WILL be errors in my compression workskill) --- but, except for the rings in the "adapter" packages: NO PV rings .
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I don't believe they sell them at the box stores. The home depot around me doesn't carry many pex supplies, I usually go to menards cause they have a much better selection. I did a google search and you can order the crimp rings online. If you buy the pex to poly adapters I don't see why you would need any extra crimp rings? I was a little nervious when I first started working on pex but it is the easiest thing to do. I don't see you messing up many crimps. But if you want to have some spare rings just google them and order them online before you do your project. And if you get in a pinch and need an extra ring right away just run to home depot and buy an adapter that comes with the poly ring.
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If by PV you mean Polybutylene then you can get crimp rings at Just click on( P) in the index scroll down to Polyybutylene Parts then scroll down again and you will see the crimp rings. Bought some as spares but have not used them yet.
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Many here are using shark or gator tooth pushlock fittings. Greg
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