7975-856 igniter?

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Came home a few days ago to heavy gas smell. Gas co came. Said it was leaky gas valve on furnace, tagged the house. Coleman 7975-856. After hi n low search for the replacement, decided to test it myself. It's not the valve. After inspection of area when unit was OFF the furnace, I discovered moisture, then spotted a tide line on ceiling at vent cut out, with slight tide lines on metal just above valve unit. So, onto the roof I went. No smoking gun there, but i did find most of the sealing material was cracking/ badly worn and a shingle was damaged just higher on the peak at pipe vent. A couple tubes of roof caulk later, and my very capable dad on phone, decided to try to light the reinstalled gas valve. Soap water to every orrifice and knob, no bubbles with gas line open. 5 minutes after line open, no smell of gas. No bubbles at inline valve. On trying to light with LOOONG match, every attempt, the match blew out before it would ignite. When reinstalling the valve unit, I did notice the entire burning/lighting assembly was seemingly one unit on the gas valve module. Also noticed the igniter head looked.... white, old. Needless to say, it never got lit while I figure my next move. Leaning toward new igniter, came to this fine site 😊 located this handy parts list on the site https://www.mobilehomerepair.com/colema ... nce-guide/ and have discovered my furnace has no igniter part #? So, nothing the entire kahuna came out attached to valve earlier, I'm stuck. Anyone got wisdom? Thank you in advance! ... mine is nat gas, not lp and it is original to the 1988 home. I've pictures of all labels and components on it.

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