Bathroom tub diverter spigot inlet size?

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Fri Mar 08, 2019 8:36 am

Hi all - the diverter part of the tub spigot quit; thus no showers; only baths.

I unscrewed it and took to Home Depot to attempt to get a quick handy replacement; no need to keep old one (I thought) so I threw it out several months ago.
Went to Depot and was assured it was an "exact fit" to get home and find the 1/2" inlet in spigot is too large. ----- several months pass----- now son wants to move in.

As son is moving in, I went to Lowes yesterday with the Home Depot spigot and the lowes boy assured me "his" 1/2" spigot WOULD fit. Naturally got home to find it's the same as the last; much too big. The threaded nipple coming out from the faucet assembly that the spigot screws onto is smaller than the current standard spigot. I know this home was manufactured 31 years ago - older than most of the kids who work at Depot or Lowes.... they are unaware of there were probably no "standards" for mobile home production in '87.

Where can I get a spigot that will screw onto this - it is most definitely NOT 1/2".... I would "think" it's 3/8" ?.....

1) Son is not interested in baths - could I get a pvc pipe CAP to screw onto it so he can always use it as a shower (professionals at depot say no such thing) - I would think I could... maybe even a steel PIPE cap would be alright; I could paint it white.
2) I would rather get a spigot that fits - the standard spigot include adapters for only 1/2" and 3/4" inlet nipples
3) Would this nipple in the wall be a standard pipe tap or something else?



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Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:28 pm

I would agree, I may be 3/8" pipe.
You may end up changing the whole faucet assembly, an update wouldn't hurt anything.

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