Tape & Texture or VOG? Seeking Opinions

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I am going to buy a new mobile home soon. I am really wanting tape and textured walls as opposed to that VOG wall board. My only concern is cracks. Would cracks be a common thing and is it easy to fix them? Thanks.
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Cracks are from movement, How are you planning to support the home? I have 18 18" pillars 48" deep and I don't think the home has moved at all with the frost. So I would think that as long as the home is properly supported you should not have any problems with cracking.

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Greg is spot on. Set up is the most important item. If set up crew is crap then you have a problem!!
Checking out your set up crew. Are they certified to install? Do they have any complaints? Are they a bonded and insured contractor. Does your dealer have a bond and insurance? Purchase home with higher roof load than what is required for your area.
Notify whoever you buy the home from that you want a above and beyond install regarding set up .
Setting piers/poring runners below frost line is a must. If not piers, a full perimeter concrete foundation (best).
Ask that ground is compacted before concrete poured.
Hold back 10% until house is completed and they have worked off all complaints.