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My parents have a 1982 14x70 mobile home. It has had it. Time for a roof over. We want to put metal over it but would like to make sure that we can get it as quiet as possible. Is there any special way to install it or any special materials to use to make it quiet?
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I would think that a layer of rigid foam between the two roofs would help. Sounds like a question for one of the pros or someone that has a home with a roof over.

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Greg, could he do a very thin layer of a rubberized compound, to me id think that would dampen the noise. im guessing his main concern is wind and rain noise on the metal roof
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Any new metal roof will be noisy. A rubber roof over is a better idea if you're looking to be quiet but they have a limited life span, roughly 10 - 15 years.
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Aluminum roofs with foam board laminated to the aluminum will be a quiet roof. They are expensive though. Before my supplier closed it's doors, I sold an aluminum panel roof with 3" (R13) polystyrene foam laminated to the panels. The panels had a raised seam connection. You wouldn't hear rain from your roof in the hardest storms. Mostly because the noise of the rain landing on the ground was louder, but we are talking a huge difference. Even reduced airport noise. I am in mobile home parks almost every day, constantly seeing roofs I installed over 25 years ago. They are as viable today as when I installed them. Most of the really old ones should be calling for new caulking, but even my Vulkem 116 polyurethane sealants are still holding up.

I have also worked on quite a few rubber roofs over the years. Many of those were of the same vintage, 20-25 years old. Rubber roofs that old was from the charter products that aren't as good as the products they make today. Still I do believe my 3" metal roof product was hands down superior. I also had competitor roof products with only 1 1/4" laminated foam/aluminum roofs. These roofs did not hold up as well, but the fact is, most are still working for their homeowners, albeit pretty goobered up with sealants.

I am in the Fresno, CA area and our summers are brutal on all roof types. This is probably a good test area for longevity.
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