Quieting A Metal Roof?

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Metal roof + acorn trees above = Not a very smart move. Is there anything that can be done to quiet it a little?
Steve S.
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More information please...probably cheaper to remove oak tree(s) than replacing your roof or constructing a roof-over. In my opinion, no large trees should be anywhere near (within striking distance) of any house, MH or otherwise. Oaks are generally well-rooted and not subject to windthrow, although they may have larger branches which can break off and do some damage. All the large trees in my yard are at least 50 feet from my home.
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Well, be thankful it's not a walnut tree.

About the only idea I have is to do a roof over with lots of insulation between the two.

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Greg S
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I would cut down the trees and sell them to a saw mill. Regardless of the noise issue they are too close to the house and should be removed.
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The above suggestions are probably the best suggestions, but as Steve said, an insulated roof is costly and effectiveness would be determined by the build of the roof.

Another idea would be, especially if this is a smallish area, to erect a sturdy frame (could be 2x2 wood or 1 1/2" metal awning tubes) That sits a foot or so above the roof and cover the frame with Sunbrella cloth. This UV screen is tough and UV resistant to a point. Probably would need replacing every few years. Being screen material, wind should be able to blow through it rather than blow it off. I have a customer that did this to his entire roof and it lasted for years so far. I am sure it reduces summer heat, but at a great cost.

OK, I just figured out that I am using my Fresno, CA mind. If you get snow, or in a severe wind weather area, disregard this post. :)
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