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I have a mobile home that has ducts underneath that are NOISY. In most of the house you can't hear anything. However, underneath the master bedroom it can wake you up. This happens after the unit turns off. It usually continues until the unit turns back on again. I know that it's expansion/contraction because it's never noisy when the unit is off for a long period of time. This happens in the winter and the summer. I've been dealing with it for 18 months and am at my wit's end. Is it possible to replace the metal ducts with some sort of flex ducting? How feasible is this? At this point it's either that or space heaters or window units. Keep in mind this is a fairly new mobile home. (2010)
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I'm far from an expert myself as I just bought my MH a couple months ago. But can you wrap the duct in some insulation?

That might help reduce the expansion/contraction as the temperature wouldn't vary as much.
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