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Is there a fix for a flap to the bathroom exhaust fan.... the flap does not shut (I honestly dont know if it ever did since I've moved in or not)... BUT it currently doesnt close at all or open for that matter when turned on & off- it stays ajar all the time letting all the heat & cold in from outside... ANY suggestions? Do I have to put in a whole new flapper at the roof? Can this be done from inside the bathroom or do I have to get on the roof to fix it? My set-up is just a tunnel to the outside... the fan is in the tunnel part & the cover is just screwed into the fan & covers inside the bathroom ceiling. Thank you for your help.
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What you are looking for is a 4" Draft Blocker, sold at any home store. They cost $6-$7. You will need to pull down the fan replace the old flapper with this flapper unit. Bathroom vents usually use flexible 4" tube. Put this on the new flapper unit before installing.
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JD. is this what you are talking about from this site? V0569 Bath Fan Damper
I went to home depot & they had nothing ... went onto lowes website & all they had was a butterfly damper which was posted from everyone on the site its not worth the money b/c its just steel & is extremely noisy.
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Amazon has more listed than you really want to thumb through! Just input "bathroom exhaust damper". Good luck!