Smelly water ...

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Hey ...

v *I* recently had a new elec water heater installed ...

The prob is that NOW, *I* have smelly ( hydrogen sulfide ) HOT water ...

*I* lives alone, so *I* do not use a lot of HOT water daily ... so *I* turns the WH "OFF" frequently , to save $$$ ...

??? Is the issue MY fault because the water is generating the sulfide (*I* lives in South TEXAS) ??? ... ??? if *I* leaves the tank "ON", will my issue go away ???

*I* am now flushing the tank by running water into / out of the line ...

My cats now refuse to drink 'house' water ...

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You may want to get your water tested. you may have a high sulfur content to start with and the water heater brings it out more. A simple carbon filter may help.

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Pertinent reading here. I remember this came up in another thread some time ago.
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Greg ...

*I* has lived here since 1996 and NEVER any hint of sulfur water issue ...


*I* read the article ... but : his statement abt pouring peroxide is good ---'cept no mention of HOW to get it into the tank ...


So: *I* turned-off the power ... and have flushed the tank of HOT /SMELLY water ...tank is now full of COLD water ... WILL power-up, heat the tank and see if *I* still have probs ...

!!! ROCK ON !!!

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do you have copper lines? maybe your cats are tasting the flux.
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If you are on well water things can change. I know mine (well) only had a little iron in it for years until last year and it seemed to triple in the amount of iron.

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Your hot water tank is part of the closed water system within your home. The heater itself is only a element and can not add smells to the water. Heating can however increase existing orders especially sulpher. My guess would be that your waters sulfur content has increased and needs to be treated/filtered.
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This morn, *I* stopped & chatted w/ the installer ...He aint "JUNIOR" or "BUBBA", but he knows both of them ...
HE suggested *I* need to have the whole system purged / cleaned, but he dont kno nobody and dont do it himself ... [Thanks, Clyde] ...

*I* have allowed the tank to go COLD, and have run COLD water thru it ... it is now heating w/ intent to use tonite ...

We shall smell what we shall smell ...

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