New Furnace roof vent

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We recently had a new high efficiency furnace installed. The installer vented the furnace through the old chimney/roof jack. He took off the cap off the old roof jack, ran the pvc pipes up and cut a piece of sheet metal to place over the pipes and bent the edges over the existing jack, then sealed around the pipes with some orange sealant. It probably works fine, but it looks horrible. The pipes look like they are just floating out of the old roof jack and I think they are much taller than needed - 3 ft++ over roof level (need 1 foot above expected snow level??) My question is, is there some type of cap to place over the old roof jack that has holes for the 2 pvc pipes, and is there some type of rubber boot or something to seal around the pipes??

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Locate someone who is reputable to correct the mess and turn that hvac impersonator into the BBB IF he does not refund labor cost and/or cover cost to correct what he done.

That is best answer I can give with what you stated.

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