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The Panel outside of my mobile home is made by square D and has a 100 amp double pole breaker in it, but has more room to put other breakers. The Panel in my home is 100amp and my range and furnace are gas. I bought a Miller 17kw electric furnace to replace the gas one. It takes one 60amp breaker and one 30 amp. My question would be, could I run this with my 100amp service or should I buy a new breaker panel for the inside like 125 amp or something. I don't think the wire could do a 150 panel. Any advice would be great. The service wire coming from the outside panel is aluminum but the wire coming from the meter is enough for 200 amp. I need to do this in a cost effective legal way. The first pic is the inside panel and the second pic is the outside panel.



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That is an area that I do not enter into from here for safety reasons. Contact your local codes enforcement office and/or a licensed electrician and get the correct info in person.

Then allow the electrician to do the work. Otherwise, it may be cheaper, but probably not legal, definately not safe and most likely would void your homeowners insurance.

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