Furnace Replacement Costs

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We are looking into a mobile home purchase. I can't read what the sticker says but it has 2001 on it. The AC works. I still have to check the heat. I am surprised the the air flow isnt a better. But who knows, the blower might be dirty.

Anyways. What is the average price for a new furnace, condenser (I am guessing it needs newer freon)and maybe a evaporator coil?
I saw this system. https://www.alpinehomeair.com/viewprodu ... =453076576 looks like the ones used at work in apartments. But I wonder if it will fit in the closet because it has one like below installed.

I don't know the brand in this home. But it looks like this style https://www.alpinehomeair.com/viewprodu ... =453073155 with a condenser outside. I doubt we can use the same condenser with all the new freon stuff?

And most importantly, how much would installation be? I understand it would include freon and charging of the system.

What would be a fair price to knock off the purchase if the furnace is old? It is a double wide 1568 Sq Ft, 1987 with old original windows* (tax refund next year) so I selected basic insulation and I think it said 2.5 ton.

Thank you for your time
* Original WIndows, Open single pain storm window. Then open single pain glass in front of the screen.
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