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I spent time here 06-09 while owning a m/h in Hershey. We moved into apt living in the next town over as the taxes dropped considerably. Found a 5k fixer upper with two sides facing woods and a trout stream. $270's lot rent. I spent the summer putting pex in and repairing 9 holes in the belly. The furnace was shot so the landlord had a Miller oil furnace from 98 for $50. I put that in but the burner motor was bad. I got a AF-15 burner complete for $140 delivered and it is running nice, thank God. I know these years are known for exchanger cracks so I'k like to change to propane next year. Now the paper under the breaker panel has calculations and 67,000 btu's calculated. The Miller has btu in of 75k and out like 68k matching the cal. pretty close. in the low 40's-30's the furnace runs twice an hour with the burner running 4-5 minutes. Colder/windier has it three times and hour.
Before we moved/sold I put the gas burner in the Miller to meet park rules. I noticed a big difference as the furnace ran more because of the lower btu output of the propane flame. The gas burner is 78% efficient compared to the oil's 80. It is that reason I'd like to got 95% efficient propane furnace. I'd love to get a propane package unit and gain a closet but they're at best only 80% efficient.
Now my question is size. I can get a Coleman Revolve 75k, I imagine it has maybe 72k out for $1200. Thermo-pride has a 75k in for $1600 and smaller, I believe 56k out. I talked to the Thermo-pride distributor and they recommend under size the furnace. I just imagine the 56k running all the time. What are the thoughts out there. Thanks
God bless.

enc. pics: I replaced the siding on the front and changed the skirting to white

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