Wesco furnace won't shut off...sometimes

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Wed Dec 17, 2008 4:45 pm

Hi mobilehomers!
I've searched the threads and found several similar problems:
My Wesco 960K Electric Central Heating Furnace, intermittently keeps running when the thermosat setting has been satisfied. I replaced the thermostat, no change. I've gone so far as to disconnect the thermostat when the furnace is in this condition and it still keeps running. From what I can gather this narrows it down to the sequencer. The problem is of course Wesco is no longer in business. Is there a replacement sequencer available? The sequencer is on a metal plate with two "relays" attached, The numbers at the top of the plate are: 15SH24---7918---309536, and below that 7225136-04.
Then, on the top "relay": TOD, and below that: 14SH22---24V---309121
On the bottom "relay": TOD, 12SH22---24V---308718
There appear to be three elements, the bottom one measures 5 ohms, the other two 11 ohms each.
Fan switch works.
One wire from the 24 volt xfmr was laying across a terminal of the sequencer and was melted at that spot, I fixed that and it did not resolve the problem.
Is there a sequencer available that will replace mine?
Thanks for this great forum and..oh yea...
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Thu Dec 18, 2008 4:24 am


Look on the plate for something like this:

H1-110 C1-110

or similar.

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