Intertherm feh-020ha-04 electric heat+ air conditioner

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Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:41 pm

Problem:Heating coils staying on at the cool down cycle.
Replaced bad hunter t-stat(batteries not making good contact) with Honeywell-rth-111 series t-stat.
When t-stat set temp is reached t-stat turns heat coils off, but they are really still on. Once a little time passes fan and heat elements turn off.
Will this hurt something? To me it seems to keep the double wide warmer. Over shoots temp by 2 degs, not too bad.
Put the hunter t-stat back on and same thing. Worked before t-stat change out. I now have the Honeywell hooked up.
T-stat wired as follows-B-O-G-Y-W-R-RC
B and O are not hooked up.No heat pump
G to G on furnace
Y to Y " "
W to W " "
R to R " "
RC has blue wire which is tied to red wire from outside air compressor(Jumper removed)
Now for outside compressor wiring.
3 wires coming in. red,white,green
red to blue wire to t-stat
white to y terminal on furnace
green to C terminal on furnace.

Heat works fine except coils not shutting down for cool down. When fan shuts down heat coils shut down.
Not sure if air cond works too cold to try, but did work just before cold weather.
If this is not a big problem I can live with it.
Hope this is enough info.


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Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:44 pm

Is this area not active any more? Can someone move my post to a active category please?

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Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:13 pm

Bob the area is active, just no posts as no one wants to venture an answer to your problem, if one actually exists, including myself. I am not familiar with the equipment you have listed.

Normally I would say the sequencer is not working correctly but again not being familiar with what you have listed I don't even know if a sequencer exists in that model.

From what you have described as the sequence of events during operation it doesn't seem out of line. On the electric heaters I have worked on, the cycle is as follows: Tstat calls for heat, sequencer turns on blower and first element, short time later the second element comes online and then the third. Tstat reaches temp, it cycles down, the sequencer just backs out of the cycle shutting off the third element, then the second and ultimately the last element and blower simultaneously.

One thing you can look at is to see if there is a setting for using the thermostat you have listed with either forced air or electric. Many thermostats I see these days have a switch with the labeling of E or F. E=electric, F=forced air. Every now and then I find homeowners that have replaced thermostats have them set incorrectly for the type of heat they have.

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Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:04 pm

Thanks Dale,
Yes it has sequencers. Its just a normal forced air electric heat split system. Two 10kw heat coils. Like the Nordynes and colemens. I just always thought the heat coils cut off a few seconds before the fan shut down.
I think my question is, if the heat coils and fan shut down at the same time will it harm anything.
If not then I will leave it alone.


I almost forgot. t-stat has switch for electric or gas heat. Tried both didn't make a difference.

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Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:02 pm

No it won't hurt anything. Actually even if they stayed on the limit switches would ultimately shut them down.