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I have been having some probs with the heat being cool instead of getting warm or hot.I finally opened the furnace up and found that i need to restring my elements.
I seem to be having problems finding the correct parts,
The blower says it is a coleman,but the heat elements look identical to this 1 that is pictured on this page.
I have a set of four,1 of them is burnt.I actually paid someone to fix this while i was out of town and my mom met him here,now i find that he didnt fix it for my 350.00,he just unhooked the bad 1.I havent found a serial number or model number for just the element anywhere.
What i do have is::
70000btuh(206) 240v 60hz 1ph
central electric furnace-in a 1987 16x80 north river--original i believe
Model#FEH-020HR-03 Appliance#E0000049328

Then it says:
feh-020/-03 feh-020-c
feb-020/-023 feb-023-c
fey-020/-023 fey-020/-023-c

I found a tag in it for the elements that says:[email protected]
[email protected]
The blower says coleman on it.

so far all the parts i have seen are asking me something like ..3500w @ 240v,5000w @ 240v,etc.
how do i get that from [email protected] or [email protected] help would be appreciated.I am looking for restring kits for this unit.There is more info on the label but nothing about btu's except for the 70000btuh(206).

Next question is are all of the elements the same btu or do they differ in ratings?Does this furnace use the elements in staged type use or do they all come on at 1 time when it comes on or do they come on in stages.(im thinking stages but just making sure)
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Can you determine if the OD of the coils are 1/2" or 3/4" ?

You have four 5kw coils, 10kw for each assembly.

I would also be getting a large refund from the repair guy that took $350 to disconnect a coil.

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i didnt have time today to open it back up but will tomorrow,and then i will post what i find for you.