Intertherm E2EB-012HA

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I hope someone can help. I have an Intertherm E2EB-012HA. It NEVER shuts off! The coils are hating constantly, even when I've turned my thermostat to the "off" position, the coils continue to heat and the warm air just rises up out of the air intake vent. The blower does work as it is supposed to , coming on when the temperature gets low enough, then the blower will shut off at the right temperature. The heating coils however continue to heat up and can only be turned off by turning the circuits off. Any suggestions? Is this something that a bonehead like me can fix or will professional help be required? Any info would be a great help.


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Hi John,

That is usually one of two reasons. Either a stuck contact on the sequencers or a coil has fallen or broken and is touching the frame or sides of furnace.

IF a sequencer is stuck, you'll have 120vac to ground from one of the far left side coil terminals on white ceramic insulators.

For the coil fallen or broken, will need to disconnect blower wire harness, remove screws from sides or front bottom flanges and then slide assembly out. Then look inside and down at furnace element coils.

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