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I have lived in my manufactured housing now for almost 4 years and while my furnace runs with no issue.. I have always wondered what this is inside my furnace..?
Underneath the what looks like a makeshift filter.. is a metal flap thats once air starts moving is always open.. The hole connects as you can see to a insulated pipe? hose?.. that I think goes to a roof vent.
When the furnace / central air is on it pulls air from the outside.. I dont think its my cold air intake because on the underside of my house in the back there looks to be like a floor vent that points down to the ground.. I think THAT is the cold air intake.
I asked the previous owner about this and they said it's just for ventilation.. so my question is this.
Would it be safe to close up this hole?
I would think in the colder months when the furnace turns on this pulls in sub degree temps and would make the heat coming out of my vents that less warmer? same for in the summer with the central air?
I mean the furnace pulls air from inside the house and just warms or cools it right?
I just always wondered if this is something that I can do without? will it make a difference if i plug up this hole? or does the furnace need this to function correctly?
Thank you for any information.
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