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Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:40 am

Did a pre-season test Friday 10/18/13 and Coleman DGAH077BBSB / LP furnace failed to come on. Viewed 3 green flashes on control panel diagnostic codes. Searching around THIS WEBSITE, found quick tip about the booster motor, aka induced draft motor (IDM) not working do to possible corrosion. SO, I removed 4 screws on black IDM cover, pulled cover away from opening in IDM assembly. The motor has 3 screws that hold it in the tube. I do not think it is possible to remove the motor without removing the entire assembly. I removed 2 of the 3 visible screws holding the motor to the assembly (one is in the back and inaccessible). This loosened it enough to drop it down 1-2" and see the fan blades on the top of the motor. I used a shop-vac on BLOW to spin the fan blades for 5-10 seconds. Then I reassembled all screws, turned on power to furnace, set thermostat. The IDM came on and the furnace operated normally. Thanks to one piece of info found here! Wow! :D

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Sun Oct 20, 2013 6:29 pm

Good deal!!! The motor will come out. If you ever have to do that again, look into the bottom of the assembly. You will see 2 machine nuts, they hold the motor to that 3 screw bracket. Remove the machine nuts, the motor will fall away from the bracket. Remove the 3 screws holding the bracket and then remove the bracket and motor with blade attached from the tube. Easy to oil the bearings once everything is apart.