Vinyl Skirting Install & Fix Tips

Whether you are installing new vinyl skirting or repairing your old, here’s some tips to make your skirting stay put and look better.

Vinyl Skirting Wind Rods

Use metal rods called wind-rods (below) to keep the skirting from blowing out of the top track. The rods slide down in the seam of the skirting and hook up under the lip of the top track. Use them in every second or third seam. They are available here.

Windrods for Holding Down Vinyl Skirting

Vinyl Skirting Clean Corners

Make your corners look neat by notching and wrapping around both the bottom and top track. Pictured right is how to notch the bottom track. Pictured far right is how to notch the top face piece.

The skirting itself should also be folded around the corner. Notice how neat the bottom and top track look after being notched and folded around the corner.

Secure the skirting to the bottom track using screws to prevent blow-outs. DO NOT SCREW THE SKIRTING TO THE TOP TRACK, use only the wind rods.

Fixing Holes and Imperfections

Did the weed-eater get the best of your skirting? This white stick-it-n-forget-it repair tape sticks forever and makes the repair practically invisible. Available here.

Repair holes in vinyl made by a string trimmer.

Cutting /  Trimming  Vinyl Skirting

A circular saw makes quick work of cutting vinyl skirting. Be sure to either use a fine-toothed backwards sawblade, or a solid metal-cutting blade. I prefer the metal-cutting blade as there’s less pieces that fly up. A pair of tin snips also works good for cutting vinyl skirting.

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